Créoles en or ou argent

The largest choice of gold or silver creoles for professionals

Jewellery professionals, you are looking for jewellery to meet the needs of your customers. For this, there is nothing like earrings, especially gold or silver creoles. These chic earrings are coming back to the forefront and are now very popular with women. They will become your jewellery store's flagship product this summer. 

SBM, your earrings supplier, offers you a wide range of earrings, which will suit all women. Indeed, we offer you earrings in different alloys, colours, finishes, diameters and shapes, to suit all styles and desires. Round, oval or figure-8 creoles, with twisted, striped, smooth or glittery finishes, you will find everything you need to meet your customers' expectations!
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In our jewellery catalogue, you will find creoles in 925 thousandths silver, but also creoles in 750 or 375 gold (yellow or white). As a wholesaler of jewellery for professionals, we have been working for several years with independent jewellers and jewellers and are committed to providing them with high quality jewellery. Thus, we select well-designed creoles with a perfect finish. 

Do you have a clear idea of the creoles you need? Find our silver creoles as well as our gold 750 creoles.

Choose from a wide selection of Creoles in silver or gold