Créoles en or 375

Find many models of hoop earrings in 375°/°°° - 9 carat gold at SBM, your jewellery wholesaler.

Professionals of the jewellery industry for more than 20 years, we are proud to offer you today the widest range of Creole earrings. From the most classic to the most sophisticated, our SBM website offers you a wide range of products to complete your collection, whether in 18 carat gold, 9 carat gold or silver..
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Yellow or white gold hoop earrings ?

At SBM, there is something for every taste and every gold! Indeed, in our selection, you will find hoop earrings in 750 white gold: these are elegant earrings that look like silver but don't be mistaken: they are indeed gold earrings, with a hallmark as proof! We also sell yellow gold Creole earrings, which are popular with many women. It's up to you to choose the earrings that will best suit your customers.

As wholesalers specialising in the art of Creole, we are keen to offer you quality Creoles, with impeccable workmanship, which will enhance your shop windows and will undoubtedly please your customers. In addition to offering you 18 carat creoles, we also have a wide choice of silver or 375 gold creoles.

Creoles in 750 gold or 18-carat gold, what's the difference?

None in reality! The official designation is GOLD 750 °/°°°, an alloy containing 750 °/°° of fine gold. 18-carat gold remains a widely used appellation, even if it is no longer the real appellation.

Take advantage of a wide choice of 375 gold hoop earrings from your SBM wholesaler: